A wee exhibition at the Arran Distillery - up at last

It was a great feeling to walk away from a body of work printed and framed beautifully, transported to a Scottish island, and then hung on the walls of prestigious distillery for visitors to see. The exhibition had certainly been a challenge to organise - mentioned in my last blog - and it could easily have been scuppered by bad weather halting the ferry service (it was actually hung in semi darkness during a local powercut!) …but in the end… Intimate Landscapes had made it onto beautiful Arran where it will be resident on the walls until the 2/6/15.

Now I reflect on the week spent on the island that previous January when I had taken these photographs and the awfully relentless rain and homogenous grey skies that I felt had so limited my efforts in photography at the time. What propels a landscape photographer forward despite such challenges is that perpetual optimism that a brief magical break might occur…and unless one really is out in it such conditions with the camera, sometimes sitting it out for good periods of time watching the skies for a hint of light change, one could not bear witness to such magic otherwise.

Brief moments of wonder did occur despite everything and three photographs have have been recognised in two national competitions in the last six months - which is very humbling. Such mentions really do drive one to strive onwards to maintain the persistence and tenacity to capture better images still.

Revisiting Arran photographically at the beginning of March this year was a great opportunity to consolidate my portfolio, both in strengthening some of the subject material and in filling gaps. Fortunately, the elements played ball more of the time on this occasion providing me with plenty of harsh stormy weather and some intermittently beautiful light illuminating my focal points. I hope that you will agree as you glance through the Arran land and sea portfolios.

I will be heading back to Arran in June and this fills me with great excitement…seeing the island in a different season all-together - and expereincing an inner landscape of different colour and wildflower presence