How a dongle saved the day

 I went to give a photographic presentation yesterday to the Yorkshire Monochrome Group, a most appreciative lot who turned out in force in diabolical weather to hear me talk about the wild weather I choose to find myself in to capture moody imagery. But the set up did not get off to a good start. I had earlier checked to ensure lead compatibility (HDMI) and was assured we wouldn't have any problems...but it turned out that their lead was for a VGA input and I don't have this on my Mac laptop. It was my good fortune that several new people had attended that day...and one of them had brought his little dongle which enabled me to plug in my computer. Phew! After the further stress of the projector settings, we were good to go, but without this little lead, there would have been a picture light talk focussing on a few prints held up! I have since purchased one of these handy little devices to avoid being in a similar situation again. A recommended purchase for anyone who gives presentations.

A Thunderbolt VGA dongle